Catherine Bowling-Dean is a former Miss Louisiana USA contestant and model. Catherine grew up in Shreveport, LA where she won many modeling awards. As a young adult, she went into the clothing profession where she was a manager and buyer for a local clothing store. After this, she married and moved to Memphis, TN where she had and raised three children: Maggie, Matthew, and Daniel. 

While being a full time mother, she also worked in the bridal clothing industry. During this time, she also helped her Aunt Gayle with her catering business, where she cooked and decorated cakes. This rekindled her love for cooking. As a little girl, Catherine received an easy bake oven for Christmas and promptly cooked her grandfather Bran Muffins. Catherine has many fond childhood memories of learning to cook and cooking with her grandmother.

Catherine started her own catering business in 1994. The business began with, and is based upon, the concept that a bride should have a beautiful creative reception, at a very affordable price; with made from scratch food, that tastes as good as it looks. 

As a little girl, my grandmother taught me to cook in her kitchen and handed down original family recipes that still bring smiles to folks’ faces. I hope you enjoy the time, love, and special care we bake into everything we do.
— Sincerely, Catherine